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Location: Santa Monica, CA
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Location: Santa Monica, CA


Location: New York, NY

Global Marketing Solutions / Client Services 

Location: New York
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Global Marketing Solutions / Sales 

Location: Chicago, IL
Location: Chicago

Today’s brand marketer is challenged with delivering results across all channels. SHIFT’s mission is to provide brand marketers with solutions that enable them to plan, advertise and turn data into actionable insight that can be applied to marketing strategies in order to maximize ROI.

SHIFT is the Open Marketing Cloud of choice for 10 of the top 20 global advertisers. With SHIFT's Open Marketing Cloud, brand marketers are enabled to seamlessly build, manage and optimize advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in real-time. As marketer’s needs change, the software provides customized solutions to help meet their business goals. 

SHIFT has earned Facebook’s Strategic PMD distinction, Twitter’s Ads API distinction and LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates partnership.